Chug Splash
Screenshot from "Fortnite's" Chug Splash video. The Chug Splash is a thrown item that allows players to heal themselves and allies as long as they are within the splash radius. Players should be careful though as this item can also heal enemies.

The new update for “Fortnite” is set to be released today, June 18. Update 9.30 will bring a new, tasty beverage, a new game mode for Creative and more.

Epic Games hinted towards a refreshing new beverage that would come with update 9.30. This is a reference to the new Chug Splash item, which allows you to heal allies and yourself. Chug Splash is used as a projectile and can be used to heal yourself or multiple allies instantly. This thrown item heals within a splash radius and those in the radius are immediately granted 20 Health or Shield. However, players must be careful as this item can also heal enemies if they are within the splash radius.

Update 9.30 also brings in Prop Hunt. The game mode, made famous in “Garry’s Mod,” plays a lot like hide and seek except with a twist. Players must turn themselves into ‘props’ and hide from opponents. Players can now create their own Prop Hunt game in “Fortnite” thanks to the recent update.

Two new islands have also been added for Creative mode, namely Wasteland Island and Caldera Island.

There have also been skin leaks and loading screen leaks set to come with the update which you can see below.

Here are some of the most important updates from Patch 9.30.



  • Sniper Shootout Duos - Sniper rifles only. May the best aim win!
  • Trios - Classic Battle Royale with Three-Person squads.
  • Solid Gold Squads - Fight to the finish using Legendary weapons.


Chug Splash

  • On impact, this thrown item splashes liquid in a small area. All players within the splash radius will be instantly granted 20 Health/Shield.
  • Grants health unless you are full health, in which case it will grant Shield.
  • Chug Splash can heal allies, enemies, and can extend the duration of the ‘knocked’ state for knocked players.
  • Rare variant.
  • Drops in stacks of 2.
  • Max stack size: 6.
  • Can be found from Floor Loot, Chests, Vending Machines, Supply Drops, and Llamas.

Shotgun Swap Delay Removed

  • Shotgun cooldowns now only apply when the player is carrying multiple shotguns, regardless of Shotgun type.
  • This is a Quality of Life change to prevent the swap delay system from interfering with players who do not have multiple shotguns in their inventory. As with all changes, we’ll be keeping a close eye on this and make adjustments if necessary.

Reduced the Combat Shotgun’s long-range effectiveness

  • Reduced damage at medium distances by 10%
  • 2.44 tiles to 4.88 tiles
  • Reduced damage at long distances by 20%
  • 4.88 tiles to 9.76 tiles
  • The Combat Shotgun’s accuracy uniquely enables players to hit shots from longer distances compared to other shotguns. However, the damage at those longer ranges was a little higher than desired..


  • Boom Bow
  • Dual Pistols
  • Dynamite
  • These Vaults are primarily targeted at adjusting the availability of explosives, putting them more in line with where we think they should be.

Removed the ability to ride Proximity Grenade Launcher projectiles

  • Due to the faster speed of this projectile, it was causing problems with level streaming. You can still ride rockets launched from Rocket Launchers.

Added short delay to start damaging players from Storm Flip on entry, to mimic normal Storm gameplay

Added Storm Flip to Audio Visualizer when it is activated

Toys no longer will show up in the elimination feed on Starter Island


Made the “Hold to Swap” feature an option. This defaults as OFF.

Made the Fortbyte Pressure Plate Puzzle NW of The Block easier to complete.

  • Once unlocked the Fortbyte will be available for up to 15 seconds.
  • Parking all vehicles on the pedestals will trigger them, except the Hoverboard.

Slipstreams now fade out the visual effects and play audio cues to warn that they are shutting off before the collision and forces are disabled, to give players more advance warning.

Added Storm Flip color switch effects, depending on Storm intersection points


Improvements to Grenade Launcher and Grenade fuse sounds

  • Added a close-range fuse loop that is attenuated based on damage radius.
  • Sound ramps up as the projectile get close to exploding. If you hear this you’re going to take damage unless you block the explosion.

Lowered the volume of vehicles in a Slipstream that doesn’t have a driver/passenger.

Increase the range for the enemy 1x1 pickaxe impact sound from 1 tile to 1.5 tiles


Increased the size of the auto-pickup radius for items



  • Added the Wasteland Island.
  • Added the Caldera Island.

Added new Game Settings for configuring outdoor Lighting and Fog.Light Brightness: Controls the intensity of outdoor lighting from the sun or moon.

  • Default: Uses the light brightness from the current time of day.
  • 0% - 100%: Sets a specific fixed light brightness. 0% is very dark, and 100% is very bright.
  • Light Color: Controls the color of light from the sun or moon.
  • Default: Uses the light color from the current time of day.
  • White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan: Sets a specific color for the lighting.
  • Fog Thickness: Controls the density of fog on the island.
  • Default: Uses the fog settings from the current time of day.
  • 0% - 100%: Sets a specific fog thickness. 0% turns off the fog, and 100% will pull the fog in very close to the camera!
  • Fog Color: Controls the color of the island’s overall fog.
  • Default: Uses the fog color from the current time of day.
  • Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan: Sets a specific color for the fog.
  • Note that lighting and fog graphics can look different depending on the platform.


Added a new setting “Building Can Destroy Environment” in the Game Settings.

  • Yes: When players build during gameplay, certain props may be destroyed when built upon. This is the default setting.
  • No: Props are never destroyed when players build on top over them during gameplay.


Added the Prop-o-Matic

  • Transform into a prop to hide from your opponents! You can aim at nearby props and trigger the Prop-o-Matic to possess the appearance of the desired object. For best results, use with props found in the following galleries:
  • Outdoor Residential Prop Gallery
  • Indoor Residential Prop Gallery
  • Container Prop Gallery
  • When transformed, you can taunt other players by whistling.
  • Lock your location to stand completely still and blend in.
  • You can rotate the camera without rotating your prop when locked.
  • Note, you cannot transform into walls, structural elements, devices, or traps.

Added UI that displays during games to indicate the number of players hiding.

  • The UI element tracks the number of people with a Prop-o-Matic in their inventory.
  • The UI element is displayed automatically if someone starts a game with a Prop-o-Matic in their inventory.

Added UI to indicate the duration of time between the “ping” sound effect when hiding as a prop.

  • This UI element and the audio cue is only active while players with Prop-o-Matics are actively hiding as a prop.

Flag item locations, when dropped or being carried, are now indicated on the minimap



New SSD Mission: Endurance

  • Complete all of your Storm Shield Defense missions in any zone to unlock the Storm Shield Endurance mission.
  • Storm Shield Endurance is 30 waves of escalating enemies that will test the best fort designs.
  • The Major will occasionally throw in a Wargames simulation to keep you on your toes.
  • The difficulty is based on the zone that you’re in, so it will be the easiest in Stonewood, but will require expert gameplay in Twine Peaks.
  • Enemies drop more ammo than normal, but plan on bringing different weapon types just to be safe.
  • Players who complete this challenge will earn:
  • Four new and unique Endurance banners by completing all 30 waves for each zone.
  • Earn a Legendary Troll Stash Llama for completing all 30 waves of a zone.
  • Earn Gold, RE-PERK!, and PERK-UP! based on your wave progress.

Retrieve the Data mission has been replaced with the Beta Storm version!

  • Retrieve the data now has a Storm closing in on the landing zone.
  • The landing zone defense area is a 1x1 area.
  • Players can vote to allow the balloon to be shot down after locating the landing zone.
  • The first Retrieve the Data in Stonewood does not have a Storm but has a 1x1 landing zone.

Resupply is back as a permanent primary mission.

  • Harvest and Collect a shopping list of items in 10 minutes as the Storm shrinks.

The “Assist Wargames” and “Assist Wargames (Repeatable)” quests have been updated to count hosts who utilize the “Wait for Assistance” functionality in addition to players who use the Wargames Assist feature of Community Lookout.

Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny Valley, and Twine Peaks will now all reward the same quantity of event tickets for Wargames.

Players will now be rewarded any of the four evolution materials at all difficulties in Plankerton and Twine Peaks Wargames.

PERK-UP! Rewards in High level Twine Peak Wargames will now only be of Epic or Legendary quality.

In the Hexed Wargames simulation, statues no longer pop-out of visibility if the player moves far enough away from the statue.

The recommended power and Husk rating in the last 2 difficulty zones in Twine Peaks have been increased to 132 and 140 respectively.

  • This is only a visual change - there is no change in the Husks actual difficulty.


  • The Storm Shield computer has had an overhaul with an all new layout and art!


Chromium Ramirez returns to the event store!

  • Standard Perk: In a Pinch
  • Reloads with an empty magazine regenerates 13.5% of your Shield over 3 seconds.
  • Commander Perk: In a Pinch+
  • Reloads with an empty magazine are 50% faster and regenerates 13.5% of your Shield over 3 seconds.
  • Available in the Event Store starting June 19 at 8 PM Eastern Time.

Diecast Jonesy returns to the Event Store!

  • Standard Perk: Boomstick!
  • Increases Goin’ Commando Damage by 25%
  • Commander Perk: Boomstick!+
  • Increases Goin’ Commando Damage by 50% and changes Damage type to Energy.
  • Available in the Event Store starting June 19 at 8 PM Eastern Time.


Defenders can once again see and shoot through walls with the Neon Sniper.

Defenders can once again shoot through walls with the Obliterator.

For the full list of 9.30 patch notes, click here.