Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly discussed the use of pepper spray by police at the Occupy Wall Street protest this weekend at the University of California Davis on The O'Reilly Factor late Monday. UC Davis Lt. John Pike sprayed non-violent protestors sitting on the ground with pepper spray in an act that has been questioned as perhaps being excessive force.

First of all, pepper spray, O'Reilly said to Kelly. That just burns your eyes, right?

Right, Kelly replied. I mean it's like a derivative of actual pepper. It's a food product, essentially.

Kelly's comment that pepper spray is little more than a food product has sparked outrage from protestors and commentators online. It has also led to the creation of an entirely new meme using the structure of her sentence followed by essentially on Reddit and QuickMeme.

The memes range in levels of offensiveness, but seek to mock Kelly's nonchalant attitude towards pepper spray despite evidence that it can cause serious health damages, including temporary blindness, gagging, uncontrollable coughing, throat, ear, eye and nose irritation as well as potential long term side effects, even death. The memes are sarcastic and aim to shed light on Kelly (and other's) dismissal of the dangers of pepper spray by calling into question (sarcastically) the dangers of other serious issues, like starvation, rape, domestic violence and human trafficking.

We have collected some of the most sarcastic and effective memes so far that have been submitted and posted on QuickMeme.

Watch Megyn Kelly's remarks on Fox News:

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