French military jets have carried out the country's first strikes against Islamic State group targets in Syria, officials confirmed Sunday. The office of French President Francois Hollande said the strikes had been carried out after France's military conducted reconnaissance on targets in the country earlier this month.

The strikes are the first that French forces have carried out against ISIS targets in Syria, though they have previously targeted militants associated with the group operating in Iraq.

"Our country thus confirms its resolute commitment to fight against the terrorist threat represented by Daesh," Hollande's office said, using one of the many terms by which the Islamic State group is known.

"We will strike each time that our national security is at stake," it added.

Hollande said earlier this month that France was preparing strikes against ISIS in Syria, adding that militants associated with the group were planning terrorist attacks against France from the country, according to a BBC report.

France has been rocked by several high-profile terrorist attacks this year, including an attack against the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, and other related attacks, which saw at least 15 people killed by Islamist gunman, and many others wounded.

Another alleged attack, which saw a heavily armed man attempt to target passengers on a train traveling through Belgium to France, was foiled by a group of Americans and a Briton.

In the diplomatic sphere, France also called this weekend for a "global solution" to the Syrian crisis, which has seen the country beset by four years of civil war. French officials said the country supported U.N. special envoy Staffan de Mistura's initiative to work toward a political transition for the country.

"Civil populations must be protected against all forms of violence, those coming from Daesh and other terrorist groups, but also against the deadly bombings of (Syrian) President Bashar al-Assad" the statement, cited by the Reuters news agency, said.

"More than ever it is urgent to set up a political transition that brings together elements from the regime and the moderate opposition," it added.