• Apple is reportedly working on a wearable called Apple AR Glasses
  • A reputable Apple tipster and analyst recently confirmed that the Apple AR Glasses is in the development 
  • Another Apple tipster revealed some details about the Apple AR Glasses

Since 2018, the tech industry has been discussing the possibility of augmented reality devices, replacing smartphones in the future. Apple is among these companies widely known to be developing glasses with augmented reality capabilities. A couple of separate reports recently surfaced online, giving more details on what the industry knows about the Apple Glasses.

Apple AR Glasses Release Window

The latest information about the Apple AR Glasses comes from TFI Securities Analyst and reliable Apple Tipster Ming-Chi Kuo. A recent report by 9to5Mac revealed that the Taiwan-based analyst confirmed that the Apple AR Glasses is currently in development. However, Kuo notes that the industry might see the release of the augmented reality glasses from the Cupertino tech giant in 2022.

It appears that the time frame is because of the complexity in the manufacturing of high-tech glasses. The report also mentioned that Apple AR Glasses are expensive to produce, considering the multi-layered process needed to develop the advanced and innovative user experience for the augmented reality glasses. Earlier, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman predicted that the upcoming glasses from Apple might arrive in 2023.

smart glasses
Tech giants are reportedly betting and racing to develop the next big computing device following the smartphone. Reuters/Ina Fassbender

Other Apple AR Glasses Details

In addition to the release window shared by Ming-Chi Kuo, another set of exciting details was recently shared by Apple tipster Jon Prosser. In a couple of separate broadcasts, the reliable Apple tipster shared that he is working on getting a video of some AR Glasses that are actually working. On Gadget Cast, Prosser discussed why Apple AR Glasses is the future.

The Apple tipster also mentioned that the UI on the Apple AR Glasses is called Springboard, and the AR Glasses is called the Starboard. Meanwhile, in the Painfully Honest Tech, as reported by Forbes, Prosser, when asked what the upcoming augmented reality wearable would look like, answered, “They look like regular glasses, which I think is actually cooler than if they made them look futuristic. The prototype I saw, I’m not saying they will come out in these colors, but I saw them in black and white. And they don’t look like a machine on your face.”