Cairo Protest
Anti-Mohammed Morsi protesters clash with supporters of the Egyptian president with molotov cocktails and stones outside the presidential palace in Cairo Thursday. Reuters

On Sunday, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi canceled a constitutional decree giving him judicial immunity and, instead, put in place a law giving the military the power to arrest civilians.

Below is an unofficial translation from Arabic of President Mohamed Morsi's newest constitutional declaration issued Saturday:

1. The constitutional declaration issued on 22 November 2012 is void starting from today [9 December 2012] and all its consequences remain in effect.

2. If new evidence arises, new investigations will be conducted into the killing, attempted killing, injury or terrorizing of citizens between 25 January 2011 and 30 June 2012 if these crimes were related to the revolution.

If the investigations find new evidence related to the above-mentioned crimes, the general prosecution is to refer the case to court of legal jurisdiction, even if there is a final acquittal in the case or if the court rejected the prosecution-general's appeal on the acquittal.

3. If the people vote against the draft constitution in the referendum on Saturday, 15 December 2012, the president is to call for the direct election of a new Constituent Assembly of 100 members within three months.

The new Assembly is to finish its task within six months from its election date. The president is to then call for a referendum on the new draft presented by the Assembly within 30 days of receiving it.

In all cases, vote counting and the announcement of results in the constitutional referendum is to take place publicly in election subcommittees as soon as the voting process is finished. The results are to be validated by the head of the subcommittee.

4. All constitutional declarations, including the current one, are immune from any challenge in any court, and all related lawsuits are considered void.

5. This constitutional declaration is to be published in the official newspaper and is valid from the day it is issued.

Translation courtesy of Al-Ahram