Moammar Gadhafi's fugitive son Saif al-Islam wants an aircraft to take him out of Libya's southern desert so he can turn himself in to the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Officials with the National Transitional Council, the interim government of Libya, said Wednesday that the younger Gadhafi has indicated to them that he would submit to being brought to The Hague on a warrant issued in May for war crimes. He had previously said he would die in Libya before he would leave, although the inglorious end to his father's life probably made him rethink that statement.

Conflicting reports of Saif al-Islam's whereabouts have circulated since he vanished from the Gadhafi stronghold of Bani Walid in the north of the country.

Saif al-Islam, 39, went on the run at about the time his father met a grisly death a week ago, apparently at the hands of vengeful Libyan fighters. The NTC says Gadhafi was killed outside Sirte Thursday in crossfire between transitional government troops and loyalists, but many suspect he was executed.

Saif al-Islam, English-speaking and London-educated, had been seen by analysts as his father's heir apparent. When war broke out, he toed the family line on the death to the invaders and born in Libya, die in Libya.

Four of Gadhafi's other children are in exile in Algeria and Niger while three others were killed in the war.