Palestinians grieve
Palestinians mourn next to the grave of a relative, who medics said was killed during the Israeli offensive, on the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr at a cemetery in Beit Lahiyah in the northern Gaza Strip July 28, 2014. Reuters

Missiles struck near Shifa Hospital -- the main hospital in the Gaza Strip -- and a park in Gaza on Monday, amid conflicting reports of responsibility. The missiles were fired by Israeli forces, Palestinian officials told the Associated Press. Another reported strike at a refugee camp left at least 30 dead and wounded in Gaza.

But the Israelis claimed the missiles were actually fired by Hamas and were targeted for Israel. The missiles failed and instead hit a building complex that includes Shifa Hospital and the park.

There were casualties as a result of both strikes, but the exact number remains unclear. Gaza police and Palestinian health official Ayman Sahabani told the AP about the strikes at the hospital and park, which is near Shifa Hospital. Sahabani said “several people” were wounded in the strike that hit a complex where the hospital is situated.

NBC News had a crew on the ground near Shifa Hospital and said the strike occurred around 10 a.m. EDT. The network reported that at least 30 dead and wounded Palestinians were taken to the hospital after the Al-Shati refugee camp in northern Gaza was struck.

Reports of the Israeli strikes came as the Jewish state faces criticism for the mounting Palestinian civilian casualties as a result of so-called Operation Protective Edge, the Israeli assault that was launched three weeks ago. Israeli blames Palestinian militant group Hamas for the deaths, claiming the organization uses civilians as human shields and fires rockets from public buildings, including schools and mosques.