• Players must first unlock the Golden Apple Archipelago 
  • Echoing Conches are marked on the minimap
  • Collecting enough conches will unlock Barbara's summer outfit  

The Midsummer Island Adventure quest in “Genshin Impact” opens up an entirely new (albeit temporary) area filled new challenges and hidden treasures. The Echoing Conches are one of many goodies that players can find around the islands and they are directly tied to Barbara’s new summer outfit.

Players will have to find a certain number of conches to get Barbara’s new outfit for free. Luckily, the conches aren’t terribly difficult to spot, but there are things that players have to be mindful of when they start looking for these items.

Here’s how to find Echoing Conches in “Genshin Impact” 1.6.

Where To Find Echoing Conches

First of all, players need to reach the new Golden Apple Archipelago area before they can start hunting down the conches. To get there, start the new event quest by finding Klee in the Knights of Favonius HQ. Take note that players must complete Klee and Diluc’s character story quests first.

Follow the quest objectives until the way to the Archipelago is unlocked. Once there, keep completing the event quests to progress the plot. This is important because there are islands that are locked behind quest progression. Players won’t need to complete the event challenges, only the quests themselves.

Echoing Conch Locations

The conches are littered all over the archipelago’s islands. The task may seem daunting at first, but the exact conch locations can be seen via the minimap. Players will see a conch icon over the conch locations, so it’s only a matter of paying the spot a visit.

However, the conches can be a little difficult to spot. Be on the lookout for light blue particles that emanate from the conches and try look in between rocks and under thick foliage.

An Echoing Conch hidden under a shrub in Genshin Impact An Echoing Conch hidden under a shrub in Genshin Impact Photo: Genshin Impact

Visit each island using the Waverider and mark each of them once all the hidden conches have been found. Rinse and repeat until Barbara’s outfit is unlocked.

Keep in mind that the archipelago will be removed from the game after the event. Players will no longer be able to collect conches or claim Barbara’s summer skin for free once the event expires.