• Some of "Genshin's" support units vastly outclass the others in their category
  • Zhongli, Bennett and Venti are must-have supports that are somewhat difficult to obtain
  • Xingqiu, Diona and Sucrose are top-tier supports that can go well with any team composition

Characters in “Genshin Impact” come in many forms and all of them can greatly contribute toward a team’s effectiveness. It’s easy to make a beeline toward whichever character deals the most damage, but it’s important to acknowledge that damage isn’t everything in this game.

Support characters form the backbone of a party. They may not see as much time on the field as a primary DPS unit, but they still play a very important role. These units are primarily in charge of generating particles, setting elemental combos or keeping the entire party alive throughout the encounter.

There are plenty of support units in the game and some perform noticeably better than others. Here are the three must-have support characters as well as three more top tier units that players can consider using in “Genshin Impact.”

Must-Have Supports

Many players agree that Zhongli, Bennett and Venti are three of the game’s strongest support characters. This is largely due to their flexible skillsets that can be used against any enemy in the game regardless of team composition or enemy damage resistances.

Bennett can provide strong heals and a massive ATK buff that can combo very well with other Elemental Bursts.

Zhongli can protect his team with near-permanent shielding, constantly shred enemy resistances and provide crowd control with very high damage with his Burst ability.

Zhongli against the Pyro Regisvine boss in Genshin Impact If built properly, Zhongli can withstand even the hardest of hits. Photo: Genshin Impact

Meanwhile, Venti can group enemies together for a fairly lengthy duration, making them vulnerable to attacks while also increasing the damage they take against Elemental DMG with the Viridescent Venerer set bonus.

All three of these units are very strong but sadly, Zhongli and Ventri are limited-banner servants, so those who want them will have to wait until their respective re-runs. Bennett, on the other hand, can be drawn from both character and standard banners.

Top-Tier Supports

Players who don’t have Bennett or either of the Archons can try the following characters instead:

  • Xingqiu – Xingqiu provides a bit of healing and damage reduction, but he’s best used in a reverse Vaporize team. Out of all the Hydro characters, he is the most consistent when it comes to applying Hydro to enemies.
  • Diona – Diona is very strong when it comes to party-wide sustain. She can fit in any team but she works best with a Cryo DPS unit for the Elemental Resonance CRIT buff.
  • Sucrose – Sucrose essentially functions as a 4-star Venti. She can group enemies together and create an Anemo field that can absorb other elements, making her a top candidate for a VV artifact set holder.