• The Pale Flame set synergizes extremely well with Razor's kit
  • Bloodstained Chivalry and Gladiator's Finale are still viable options but aren't as efficient as Pale Flame
  • Hybrid Damage Razor is useful for proccing strong Overload hits on large enemies

Razor is still one of the best physical damage carries in “Genshin Impact” thanks to his Electro attunement, passive Physical ATK scaling and weapon preference. He’s a great character to use at any stage of the game and can fit with a lot of team compositions.

The introduction of the Pale Flame set does change things up a bit when it comes to Razor’s builds. Newly-added characters like Rosaria also give players more flexibility when it comes to building teams. Here are some of the new ways to build Razor in “Genshin Impact” Patch 1.5.

Razor’s Playstyle

Razor is a very selfish damage dealer, providing absolutely no utility to his team. However, he makes up for this by being a physical damage powerhouse. His high damage scaling is complemented by his Elemental Burst’s ability to buff his attack speed and Electro damage output.

Razor specializes in dealing strong hits with big damage numbers
Razor specializes in dealing strong hits with big damage numbers Genshin Impact

Players should always try to apply Superconduct on as many enemies as possible when using Razor. Venti and Sucrose are great for grouping enemies together, while Rosaria and Kaeya can provide a constant source of Cryo.

Pale Flame Razor

Pale Flame has replaced Bloodstained Chivalry as Razor’s go-to artifact set, but Gladiator’s Finale still serves as a fine choice. Pale Flame synergizes perfectly with Razor’s strong normal attacks and Elemental Skill. Razor can keep Pale Flame’s bonus up indefinitely as long as he spams his Elemental Skill.

Pale Flame’s four-piece bonus is much better than Bloodstained since Razor can’t use his Charged Attack while his Elemental Burst is active. Additionally, Pale Flame is also much easier to farm than Gladiator since the latter only drops from Bosses.

Hybrid Build

For players who want to make a mono-Electro team or Overload-centric build, then either a two-piece Pale Flame or Bloodstained Chivalry with a two-piece Thundering Fury will be the ideal artifact setup simply for their stat bonuses. Players can choose between a Physical DMG% or Electro DMG% goblet based on their preference.

Razor’s main strength is his ability to hit for large damage numbers through stacked damage bonuses. A hybrid build accomplishes the same objective that a physical build can but with the benefit of stronger elemental effects. This is a good build for Abyss floors that have a lot of large enemies like Mitachurls or Fatui Vanguards.