Chinese fans and players attempt to stomp a fallen Georgetown basketball player. REUTERS

Georgetown men's basketball team and the Chinese professional team met on Friday to smooth things over, a day after a nasty brawl broke out between the two teams.

Georgetown coach John Thompson III and senior basketball player Jason Clark, who was at the center of the fight, met with Bayi Rocket officials to clear the air after Thursday night's brutal fight.

Georgetown's Web site called it a very cordial and friendly meeting, as the two sides talked out the differences and exchanged autographed basketballs. Coach Thompson even suggested Chinese youths coming to next year's Hoya summer basketball camp, a decided change from the actions of the night before.

On Thursday, the two teams faced, as part of Georgetown's Chinese goodwill tour, but the game quickly turned ugly and made worldwide headlines for a massive brawl.

The intensity of the game increased in part due to a wide difference in fouls called against each team. By halftime, Georgetown had already racked up 28 team fouls, while Bayi only had 11.

The game featured multiple stoppages in play, including when a Rockets player got in Coach Thompson's face and berated him.

But it ultimately hit its peak when Jason Clark was fouled a bit too hard for his liking and pushed off his Chinese fouler.

From there the game turned into a total melee with punches being thrown everywhere, Chinese players wielding chairs as weapons against Georgetown, and culminating with fans throwing plastic water bottles at the team.

Coach Thompson pulled his team from the floor, despite close to 10 minutes remaining in the game, and marched them right to the team bus.

Thompson would later apologize for his team's actions in the fight.

No Georgetown player was injured during the fight, according to Thompson, and the team plans on continuing its 10-day basketball tour of China.

Watch the outrageous melee in the video below: