A Ukrainian soldier fires artillery towards Russian positions outside Bakhmut on November 8, 2022, amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine


  • The German organization transported satellite dishes to Russian forces in January 2023
  • The charity also covered the cost of transporting an anti-drone rifle to Russian troops in February
  • Another German organization delivered humanitarian aid to the Russian army in Luhansk

A German charity claiming to be against fascism has been secretly sending supplies to Russia, according to a report.

The German charity "Bridge of Peace - Assistance to War Victims" has been collaborating with SERB, a group associated with the Russian Interior Ministry, to send goods like engine oil, drones, drone blockers and thermal imagers to Moscow's forces. The goods are sent disguised as humanitarian aid, per The Insider, an independent online newspaper specializing in investigative journalism.

In addition, the Bridge of Peace also transported satellite dishes for internet reception and anemometers for artillery to Russian forces in Donbas at the end of January 2023. The following month, the organization covered the cost of delivering an anti-drone rifle and a drone to a Russian regiment, the report said.

According to The Insider, apart from the Bridge of Peace, other organizations and individuals have also been supporting the Russian military amid the war in Ukraine. This includes Gennady Shibanov, a neo-Nazi who coordinates the Russian Moscow movement; Alexander Petrunko, a provocateur from the SERB and the culprit in an attack against Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny in 2017; and Elena Romanenko, founder of the Ruspomoshch fund that sends children from the Ukrainian region of Donbas to a camp where they receive "military-patriotic education.

Another German charity, Friedenshilfe Großostheim e.V, was also found to be openly collaborating with Russia amid the war. At one point, the organization delivered humanitarian aid to Russian forces in the city of Alchevsk in Luhansk Oblast.

The charity's website maintains that it is politically neutral. However, Tatian Raab, one of the charity's board members, previously served as an observer during the 2018 general elections in the so-called Luhansk People's Republic. The election had locals elect a head of the "republic" and members of its "parliament" despite being located within the internationally recognized borders of Ukraine.

The report came after German's Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck made a surprise visit to Ukraine on Monday with the agenda of discussing the reconstruction of the country's battle-torn areas.

Germany has also recently sent Kyiv 18 Leopard 2 battle tanks to use in the war. The tanks are considered some of the most potent weapons in the West.

Ukrainian service members load a shell to a mortar before firing towards Russian troops outside the frontline town of Bakhmut