Tractor Sisters
Hannah and Haylee Smith of Lebanon, Ore., lifted a 3,000-pound tractor off of their father, who was trapped after a freak yard accident. KING5 Screenshot

A pair of teenage sisters in Oregon teamed up to lift a 3,000-pound tractor off of their father after a freak yard accident on Monday.

Jeff Smith, a 36-year-old resident of Lebanon, Ore., was using the tractor to remove a tree stump from his yard when the mud on his boots caused his foot to slip off of the clutch. The 3,000-pound tractor then flipped over, crushing the father of two underneath, the Albany Democrat-Herald reports.

Hannah Smith, 16, and Haylee Smith, 14, were just getting home from school when they heard their father’s frantic pleas for help.

"We heard, 'Save me. Help me, God,'" Haylee told the Democrat-Herald. The sisters ran toward the voice and found their father trapped under the tractor.

As the elder Smith vividly described his experience, "I was losing more and more breath every time I screamed."

Hannah and Haylee dialed 911 but then tried on their own while waiting for help and somehow managed to lift the tractor enough to allow their father to free his torso. With disaster averted, Hannah alerted a neighbor, who used a second tractor to free Smith completely.

“It was almost instantaneous relief,” Smith told the Democrat-Herald. Incredibly, he suffered only a broken wrist and a few other minor injuries.

"If these two hadn't been here to hear me…" Jeff Smith told the Democrat-Herald, his voice trailing off. "They saved my life."

The Smiths are keeping the tractor that nearly crushed the family patriarch, but they’ve given it an appropriate nickname: Satan.