Global Warming
The world's oceans could mask the effects of global warming for decades. Reuters

Many are still skeptics to the global warming phenomenon, but a new Berkeley study appears to confirm the existence of the climate change.

The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project looked at 1.6 billion temperature reports from data archives as far back as the past 200 years, CNN reports.

Research reveals a 1 degree Celsius rise in average world temperatures on the ground. Professor Richard A. Muller comments that the findings were in line with previous U.S. and UK studies on warming values. The Berkeley group consists of 10 physicists, two of those statisticians too, and one climatologist.

Their new approach may lead them to redefine what we currently know about global temperature changes. Although they will face extreme criticism from others studying climate effects, Professor Muller insists that the project aims to [involve] the general public and not just the scientific community. Moreover, the Berkeley team is confident that their results also confirm that prior groups' findings were obtained carefully.

To that end, their main conclusion is that global warming is very much real. They hope that their new research helps end the climate debates.