With plans in place to electrify several models within the General Motors (GM) lineup, the company may reportedly also be considering reviving the Hummer brand as an all-electric vehicle as soon as 2021.

GM may resurrect the Hummer at its Detroit-Hamtramck plant as part of its BT1 electric truck/SUV program through a $7.7 billion investment in its U.S. plants over the next four years, Reuters reported.

According to sources for the news outlet, the BT1 program includes an electric pickup truck under the GMC brand and an electric SUV under the Cadillac brand, both scheduled for launch in 2023. However, the Hummer brand is also “under consideration” but a final decision has not been made on the vehicle, the sources said.

The idea to electrify the Hummer could position GM in a more profitable market, giving the company an edge over its EV competitors, analysts told the news outlet

“It makes perfect sense to hit the high end of the market in order to generate some revenue that might actually turn a profit,” Sam Fiorani, Auto Forecast Solutions vice president of global vehicle forecasting said.

The news of the Hummer EV program comes as GM made its electric vehicle plans public as it looks to come to an agreement with the UAW amid the autoworkers’ strike.

Shares of GM stock were down 0.37 percent as of 11:54 a.m. ET on Monday.

GM is considering bringing back the Hummer as an all-electric vehicle. Picture of a General Motors Hummer H2, taken during its presentation to the media at the International Hall of the Automobile 2008 in Mexico City, on September 26, 2008. Getty Images/Ronaldo SCHEMIDT