A Google Glass Explorer loses in GlassBattle, the Battleship game for the wearable technology. Courtesy / BrickSimple

Developer BrickSimple has released a YouTube video showcasing GlassBattle, the first game for Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Glass. The game is a version of the classic game Battleship.

Google Glass Explorers will be able to use voice commands to choose coordinates and fire torpedoes at enemy vessels. The game is visually simple, reflecting the simplicity of Battleship, a game originally played with a pad and pencil during World War I.

GlassBattle is a version of Battleship developed for Google Glass. Courtesy / BrickSimple

BrickSimple says that they will be releasing the game as soon as it is approved by Google. Wartime photographs flash as the game ends in the video, which depicts one player walking around a pond while their opponent shops for groceries.

Battleship was also one of the first computer games, appearing as early as 1979. See below for the embedded video.

As touch gesture-based games rake in the big bucks on iOS and Android, will voice-controlled games make the same splash for wearable computing? What is the potential annoyance factor of such a game in public?

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