The Indian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has made a statement to clarify its Internet rules which Google had earlier opposed, citing websites which trash out any content or often construed offensive.

The ministry defended the government’s decision stating that websites should be more careful when they use and release content especially when it is uploaded by third parties. Global corporations should take initiatives to eradicate such problems, it stated.

The new rule bans categories of content that is racially objectionable, vulgar and amounts to harassment. The internet companies will be given a deadline of 36 hours after they were alerted by the government. Advocates fear these rules may also be used by the government to limit freedom of speech on the web, a report said.

Google opposed to the new set of rules which it received in the form of a memo in February. It responded with comments which the Indian government has not so far responded specifically. The current statement was in a way clarifies the government stand.

“We all have roles to play in keeping kids safe online. Parents need to be involved with their kids' online lives and teach them how to make smart decisions,” said Elliot Schrage, Vice President of Global Communications and Public Affairs in a blog post.

“Internet companies like Google need to continue to empower parents and kids with tools and resources that help put them in control of their online experiences and make web surfing safer,” she added.

Google India spokesperson denied any comments on the new web rules but said Google had agreed to play a much bigger role to ensure safeguard of Internet platforms and protect the freedom of expression, said a Reuters report.