In early November Google turned Web searches upside down with its popular do a barrel roll Easter Egg. But now, Web searchers on Google can let it snow without getting into the cold and ice.

It's a holiday treat, where browsers can make it snow on their screen by simply visiting Google's search bar and typing in let it snow.

It quickly brings the screen to life with snowflakes falling on it.

That's not all, either. Users can skate their cursor around the screen, seeing the path they've taken in the ice. And, as the screen frosts up, users can wipe it away by using the cursor as an ice scraper. Or, users can press the Defrost button.

One review from MSNBC said as opposed to the barrel roll this one can entertain you for a few minutes -- and the kids for, oh, 15 seconds. But a fun 15 seconds it is.

Do a barrel roll, the popular so-called Google Easter Egg from November, is still in play. The Urban Dictionary says do a barrel roll is what one says when another asks them for important advice in their life.

But it's almost Christmas now and the focus is on Google's new Let it Snow. See it below on the video below: