Great White shark off the coast of Guadalupe Island, 150 miles off coast of Mexico on September 15, 2016 Getty Images

Video footage has emerged of a great white shark that swam up to a South Australian family on a fishing trip and began biting their boat on Saturday afternoon, reported by according to local publication the Advertiser.

The 10-minute encounter was recorded and then posted on Facebook by Andrew Russell, a 31-year-old resident of the coastal city of Mount Gambier. He was accompanied by his cousin, Darcy Russell, his girlfriend Dani McKinnon and his father Colin Russell.

The footage shows the shark with its jaws around the boat. The encounter happened more than a mile off the coast of Eight Mile Creek near Port MacDonnell, the southernmost town of South Australia.

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The shark caught the crew by surprise, as it bit the motor at the back of the boat and chewed it, leaving marks.

“We were in total shock, we couldn’t believe what had just happened. It was crazy,” Darcy Russell said. “It was just dangerous. If one of us had fallen in the water, I don’t think we would have had much chance. If it got hold of you, you would not last long.”

The length of shark was estimated at about 15 feet and could have weighed close to 900 pounds. The size of their boat was listed at about 18 feet.

“It nudged the boat a few times. At one point Andrew said, ‘hold on,’ because it shook it. I was quite worried,” McKinnon said. “The width of it as well, it was just so big — it was like a bus. We were just in awe.”

The shark swam around the boat and went back and forth up the side for about 10 minutes. She described the shark as “just being inquisitive.”

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The shark may have been drawn the boat after bait was thrown into the water.

There were some people fishing nearby, and the group alerted them of the shark’s presence.

“I was surprised it came up to the boat how it did, I would’ve thought it might have been a bit scared,” Darcy Russell said. “I had always hoped to see a shark in the wild, but didn’t expect to see it up so close like that.”