"GTA 5" may be coming to the PC and next-gen consoles this year, predicts Sebastian. Courtesy/Rockstar

Baird Equity Research senior analyst Colin Sebastian predicts a next-gen version of Rockstar Games’ “Grand Theft Auto 5” will most likely launch this year for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Sebastian also predicts gamers will be seeing a “Red Dead Redemption” sequel during the same timeframe.

Take Two continues to produce some of the highest-quality console and PC games, which we believe should transition well on next-gen platforms,” stated Sebastian in the 2014 Video Game Industry Predictions and Q4 Results Preview. NYC-based Take-Two Interactive was founded in 1993 and owns Rockstar Games and 2K games. The developer is behind the “Mafia” series, the “Duke Nukem” series, the “Grand Theft Auto” series and the “Red Dead” series.

We could see a "Red Dead Redemption" sequel this year. Courtesy/Take Two

“We expect product announcements over the next year such as extending ‘GTA V’ to other platforms (e.g., PC, next-gen consoles), the next Red Dead, etc., to help improve revenue and earnings visibility. In addition, the company has significant potential to grow digital/online revenues, which should help improve gross margins and add visibility to growth,” Sebastian added.

The analyst also felt that a PC version of “GTA 5” was extremely likely. “We expect PC version of GTA V in 2014. Recently, posted a product listing for a PC-version of the company’s blockbuster franchise ‘Grand Theft Auto V.’ While a PC version would not be a big surprise, this indirect confirmation of the game helps to provide some added visibility to consensus F2015 (Mar) estimates.”

This may come as no surprise to “GTA” fans, since rumors of “GTA 5” coming to the PC have been circulating for some time. An online petition to bring the action-adventure title to PCs has amassed nearly 700,000 supporters, while alleged leaked footage of a PC version of the title also appeared online in mid-January. Preorder availability also showed up on Amazon’s German and French sites on Jan. 23, causing Rockstar fans to wonder why the developer has remained so tight-lipped.

“In fact, we have previously published that ‘GTA’-extensions are in the development pipeline, and likely needed for the company to hit FY targets. We also believe the next ‘Red Dead’ game is in the works potentially for a 2014 launch,” Sebastian noted.

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