'GTA Online' is available on PS4, Xbox One and Steam. Rockstar

“Grand Theft Auto VI” might be shorter than earlier titles, if the words coming from Take Two Interactive’s CEO are to be any indication.

Rockstar Games is known for producing big games that become hits among many players. One of the current hits, “GTA V,” continues to be played by many along with its online counterpart “GTA Online.” Fans, however, continue to wait for another entry in the popular franchise -- a title everyone calls “GTA VI.”

A shorter game

While Rockstar takes its time to develop big games like “GTA,” it’s possible that the next installment to the “GTA” franchise might be shorter compared to its predecessors, ComicBook claimed. This claim is based on the words of Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Rockstar Games owner Take Two Interactive.

Zelnick was present at the recent E3 where he was interviewed by GamesIndustry. There, he gave some of his opinions on the current gaming scene, and one of the things that he mentioned is the likelihood of staggered updates making main games shorter and thus, released quicker than before.

"It's possible that games may be a bit shorter than they were in certain instances," Zelnick told GamesIndustry. "It's possible that the ability to deliver content on an ongoing basis for a long time after an initial release of a hit would mean that perhaps that initial release wouldn't be as long in terms of number of hours of gameplay as previously had been demanded in a world where that was all you were getting."

Zelnick said he noticed the gap between big titles and their sequel, as is the case of “GTA V” and “Red Dead Redemption.” “RDR” was followed by “Red Dead Redemption 2” eight years after the first title was launched. “GTA V,” on the other hand, was launched six years ago, but still doesn’t have an announced sequel to follow its success.

Zelnick said he believes that this trend of wide gaps between titles will be gone soon.He even said that the years between releases might be shortened. He said that by engaging with consumers on an ongoing basis (via updates), the company has had less pressure releasing an all-new title.

Coming soon?

Now, it’s still unknown if and when Rockstar or Take Two will announce “GTA VI.” If Zelnick’s words are to be an indication, it won’t be long. He said “eight years is probably too long” when it came to resting titles. Only time will tell if this means a new “GTA” is coming soon.

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