What do you want to see in Rockstar's next update? Courtesy/Rockstar

As Rockstar Game Inc.’s “Grand Theft Auto Online” updates continue to roll out, many players are wondering what will be included in future downloadable content (DLC).

Rockstar’s latest “GTA Online” Independence Day update launched earlier this month just in time for the Fourth of July, bringing along new weapons, more clothing choices, new vehicles and additional features.

The latest DLC featured two new drivable vehicles, the Sovereign motorcycle and the Liberator monster truck. Two new weapons also were included in the update, the high-powered Musket and the Firework Rocket Launcher.

The developer also added seven properties to the Dynasty 8 rolls, featuring new locations in Paleto Bay and Vinewood Hills. Players can now own more than one apartment, a feature many fans had been looking forward to for months.

In April, the New York City-based developer promised heists would be coming to the open-world action adventure game this spring, but the feature still hasn’t been added to “GTA Online.” As more time goes on, players are letting Rockstar know what they want to see in future content.

User grdvdrt66y posted that he wanted “a stealth update, giving us the ability to hide in lockers that have been thrown out into the alleyways, under beds that are also in alleyways, and inside dumpsters from cops and other players. You will go off the radar. We will also get a tranquilizer dart gun, and a gun the fires 3 bursts with each shot, like a G11.”

Many players agreed that they wanted to see a stealth mode in the game, as well as additional garage space.

User nuclearbroccoli wants “harder, longer missions for higher level players with appropriate payouts,” a “mission creator” and for Rockstar to “make tanks pay for all personal vehicles destroyed by shooting at them.”

User Gandalfski1970 hopes to see more player versus player sessions, “with no tank/jet/buzzard options.” He also hopes Rockstar “gets rid of the insurance bugs” and “makes anyone with no money who destroys a private vehicle go to bad sport for one week.” He also wants to see more clothing options for female characters.

What do you want to see in Rockstar’s next update? Leave a comment below.