"H1Z1" is coming to the PS4. Courtesy/SOE

Zombie survival game “H1Z1” is officially coming to the PlayStation 4, Sony Online Entertainment (NYSE: SNE) confirmed during a keynote speech at video game fair Gamescom in Germany Friday. We knew the game was coming to Steam sometime in the future, but Sony hadn’t confirmed the title would be available on the eighth-generation PS4.

During Sony Online’s presentation, SOE President John Smedley announced the game’s PS4 release in the future, though no release date was given.

We already know a great deal about the game, which many are dubbing a “DayZ” clone. The open world post-apocalyptic title will have a number of cool features, including a dynamic weather system that randomly changes, a night to day cycle and drivable vehicles.

“This is our own take on zombie survival. It’s set in anywhere America. It being in America already feels different. We’re creating our own persistent world and our own take on zombies,” game designer Adam Clegg told us during the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles this past June. “With the vehicles and all the stuff that’s in this game, it feels like it’s our own. It’s not about being similar or trying to be like another game. It’s trying to set the world apart. It’s our own take on it.”

Sony Online has yet to release the PC version of the game on Steam Early Access, but doesn’t want to launch a product that isn’t yet working properly.

“We’re going to make sure our alpha is super polished. We could go Early Access on Steam tomorrow, but we wouldn’t be proud of it, and it wouldn’t be something we’d want to showcase to the players,” Clegg said. “We don’t want things you have to hurdle over in order to play the game.”