The Harvard-Yale rivalry football game was delayed Saturday by over an hour due to on-field protesters at the Yale Bowl in New Haven, Connecticut.

The protesters — composed of students, alumni and faculty of both schools — staged their protest before the start of the second half. They were demanding the two Ivy League schools stop funding fossil fuel companies.

Protestors sat at midfield, many of them sitting and with some chanting "OK Boomer." They brought banners that read "Nobody Wins: Yale & Harvard Are Complicit In Climate Injustice" and "This is an emergency," and "Yale and Harvard students united for climate justice."

The Twitter account for Divest Harvard, which has almost 5,700 followers, noted that the protest was to not only demand divestment from fossil fuels but also to "cancel holdings in Puerto Rican debt."

After players headed to their locker rooms because of the delay, a large number of students and fans also gathered on the field. An announcement was later made for the protestors to leave the field. Protestors would clear the field with the game resuming at 2:48 p.m. ET.

The game was broadcasted on ESPNU.

The annual football rivalry game, known as "The Game," dates back to 1875 with the Yale Bulldogs leading the series 67–60–8 over the Harvard Crimson.