A spokesman from Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said Wednesday the investigation of Michael Jackson's death is ongoing and currently not being treated as a homicide.

According to sources cited by TMZ.com, it said the death of Michael Jackson is being treated as a homicide and the focus has fallen on Dr. Conrad Murray, the cardiologist who was present when Jackson died.

The website said evidence obtained by law enforcement indicates that Michael Jackson's death was the result of the surgical anesthesia drug Propofo.

Propofol is typically used to put patients under before they have surgery. Some claim that Michael Jackson used the drug to battle insomnia.

At the time of the death with search warrants, we were able to seize a number of items from the residence where the death occurred and those will assist in the investigation, said LAPD Chief Brattan.

Meanwhile, a nurse-nutritionist who worked with Michael Jackson says she interviewed with Los Angeles homicide detectives who informed her that needle marks were discovered on the pop star's body.

Yesterday, Jackson’s dermatologist was served with a subpoena.

While contacted by Access Hollywood, LAPD Officer Tenesh Dobine defined the investigation as “ongoing” and said that they do not know where TMZ obtained information indicating Jackson’s death was now being treated as a homicide.