U.S. Army soldiers queue next to a roast turkey to receive Thanksgiving Day lunch at Camp New York in the Kuwaiti desert Nov. 28, 2002. Reuters

If you've been cursed by dry turkey at Thanksgiving dinner, Thursday offers yet another chance to show off to family and friends that you're truly a person capable of picking yourself up from past failures, learning from your mistakes and growing into a beautiful human being capable of cooking the perfect feast. To help you reach your holiday goals, International Business Times has compiled a list of three great turkey brine recipes for you to try.

Martha Stewart’s Turkey Brine: This recipe is meant for an 18- to 20-pound turkey and requires a five-gallon brining container, brining bag and a refrigerator (as do all of these recipes). The day before roasting, bring a quart of water, 1 ½ cups coarse salt, six bay leaves, two tablespoons of whole coriander seeds, one tablespoon of dried juniper berries, two tablespoons of whole black peppercorns, one tablespoon of fennel seeds and one teaspoon black or brown mustard seeds to a simmer. Take it off the heat when the salt dissolves, and let it cool for five minutes.

Next, line the container with a brining bag and put in the turkey (it should be cleaned, patted dry and the neck, giblets and liver should be removed). Put the turkey in the refrigerator. When ready to roast, take the turkey out and pat it dry inside and out before letting it stand for an hour. From there it can be roasted with the desired method.

Ree Drummond’s Apple Cider Brine: To prepare this brine, bring the peels of three oranges, four rosemary springs, three cups of apple cider, two gallons of water, two cups of packed light brown sugar, ¾ cup salt, three tablespoons tricolor peppercorns, five minced garlic cloves and five bay leaves to a boil while stirring. Once achieved, remove the brine from heat, cover it and chill it for two hours.

After preparing the turkey, brine bag and bin, put the bird in the bag and cover it with the brine. Make sure to chill it for 24 hours before drying and roasting.

A Classic Brine: This brine combines a gallon of vegetable broth, a cup of sea salt, a tablespoon of crushed dried rosemary, a tablespoon of dried sage, a tablespoon of dried thyme and a tablespoon of dried savory in a large pot to boil. It is then left to cool to room temperature before being poured over a cleaned turkey in a brine bag. A gallon of ice water is added and the mixture is left in a refrigerator overnight.

Finally, the turkey is patted dry and roasted to preference.