Controversy is nothing new to Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones.

She famously experienced backlash by the New York Times in August, as writer Jere Longman noted that her publicity is not based on her talent, but “on her exotic beauty and on a sad and cynical marketing campaign.”

Now, Jones is in the media again, this time for sending what many are calling an insensitive tweet to former football player Eric LeGrand.

LeGrand, 21, tweeted to Jones ''want to race me?'' on Tuesday night. The Olympian replied: ''Get Checked for a concussion. Clearly, u've been hit in the head ... Cos u arnt beating a track athlete.''

LeGrand was paralyzed from the neck down making a tackle in an October 2010 Rutgers game. He was signed after the NFL draft in 2010, and "officially 'retired' from the Bucs just before the start of training camp," according to ESPN.

“U know he's a quadrapalegic now?” Twitter user @finae25 wrote to Jones. She responded, “No, dnt know. sry dont know every football player. He challenged me 2 a race & I responded.”

But her followers were not happy about her response.

“Regardless if Lolo Jones knew who Eric LeGrand was or not, she still made herself look like a stuck up [expletive] with how she responded ...” wrote @CSachs10.

@famattjr said, “Lolo's ‘apology’ to Eric LeGrande was ‘how am I supposed to know who that dude is?’ Nice. #Lolo Jones.”

Jones later wrote “Great I'm gonna get murdered for that tweet. When I had no clue who that dude was. Just responding to any athlete who challenges me to a race,” Jones wrote.

Fortunately, LeGrand seemed unfazed. “Didn't take it personal,understand where ur coming from.All good,” he tweeted to Jones.

“Thx,” she responded. “Getting trashed by tons of ppl glad ur not one of em.”

Meanwhile, according to AOL Sporting News, LeGrand has recently started taking classes again via Skype after being confined to a wheelchair, and hopes to become a sports broadcaster.

Do you think Jones apology was enough? Or was she still being insensitive?