Snowstorm Janus
Winter Storm Janus could dump more than a foot of snow in certain parts of the Midwest and Northeast. Reuters

Ever since 2013’s “Blizzard Nemo,” it seems all big U.S. snowstorms get a name, and this one is no exception. Get ready for Winter Storm Janus, which has caused thousands of flights to be canceled in its wake. Needless to say, it’s a good day to stay inside with a good movie and mug of warm cocoa.

Following Winter Storm Hercules three weeks ago, Janus could be one of the biggest snowstorms of the season yet, pelting the Midwest and the Northeast with frozen precipitation once again. According to the National Weather Service, the East Coast from Philadelphia through New England could face more than a foot of snow. By Tuesday morning, Chicago had already seen 10 inches of snow due to the “lake effect,” the New York Daily News wrote. A state of emergency was declared in Delaware.

Janus is the tenth winter storm to be named this season and according to the Weather Channel, experts said it could become the most powerful one yet. "The snow is going to last all day today," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dan Pydynowski told the Daily News on Tuesday. "It will be heaviest in afternoon and evening, and will taper off tonight."

To make things worse, the polar vortex is expected to peek its frigid head into the Northeast and Midwest once again. The wind-chill already dropped to 25 degrees below zero in certain parts of Illinois and could reach 40 below.

"To get the kind of cold and snow we're seeing, this is sort of prime time for it," Pydynowski said. "If it's going to get cold, January is the most likely month to get this kind of cold."

New Yorkers were advised to stay off the roads. "I’ll say it now and I’ll say it repeatedly," New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said, as quoted by the Daily News, "we want New Yorkers to stay in to the maximum extent possible this evening, especially stay out of their cars this evening.”

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