World Series, Online
Texas Rangers catcher Mike Napoli shakes hands with relief pitcher Neftali Feliz after defeating the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 2 of MLB's World Series baseball championship in St. Louis, Missouri, October 20, 2011. Reuters

If you can't watch the 2011 World Series at home (or on your smartphone, or on your tablet, or at a bar) you can still watch the Fall Classic online. Game 6 is on Wednesday, but you are going to be at work at 8:05 p.m. Eastern Time? You live in a country that prefers cricket to baseball? Not to worry. Here's how and where to watch world series streaming over the Internet.

The best, and most expensive, way is to buy MLB.TV's Postseason package at $19.99. This gives international viewers access to every game, the ability to pause and rewind live action, and access to already played games. Customers in the U.S. and Canada get additional game audio.

But, with at most two games left, this probably isn't worth it, unless you really want to watch the game(s). On the other hand, $20 is probably less than you'd pay for 9 to 18+ innings of beer and food at a bar.

American Cowboy magazine is apparently offering a free live stream of Game 5 of the World Series, but further investigation reveals that they are simply offering a link to a service called Satellite Direct, which needs to be downloaded and really isn't actually free.

There are other semi-legal sites like U-Stream, LiveTv and that stream live sporting events and are actually quite reliable, although generally pop-up heavy.

First Row Sports takes user submitted streams of live games and broadcasts them online. There is no guarantee of the quality of the games, but there will be more than one streaming option.

Similar Web site Channel Surfing was just shut down by Homeland Security.

Most cable providers also have their own phone and tablet apps, if that's a possibility for you. While the picture is (usually) in high definition, they have a reputation for broadcasting a choppy picture. Still, that's better than no picture.

If are a sucker for audio but don't have a radio handy, tune in to ESPN radio, where the games will be audiocast for no cost. Android, iOS, and BlackBerry users can get the ESPN radio app for $3.00, and listen to commentary.. anywhere in the world!'s At Bat is another mobile option. Without any streaming video, the application gives instant pitch-by-pitch updates, as well as video highlights. ESPN's iScore application is a similar option, at a $10 price tag.

Enjoy the series!