A massive carpet python was caught on camera devouring a pet cat after entering a home through the door in Eerwah Vale on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Luke Huntley, from Snakecatchers Noosa, was called out after the giant reptile was found at the back of the home.

When Huntley arrived at the scene, the snake had wrapped its mouth around the feline.

"When I arrived it was about a third of a way through so I just sat back and waited for it to swallow its meal. It took about 30 minutes for a cat this large," Huntley said, according to Daily Mail Australia, adding that by the time he reached it was already too late to save the cat.

"By the time I got there the cat was very much dead. When the lady called she said my cat's being killed the snake is starting to eat it head first... Once the snake has grabbed a hold and wrapped around, it's pretty hard to get the snake off."

"When you see your animal has been wrapped the first thing you are going to try and get the snake off - you don't have to kill it. There are other ways you can do it with water. Killing is never the answer," he added.

Once the snake had devoured the cat, Huntley put the reptile in a bag before driving it into the bush where it was released.

The video of the snake devouring the cat was shared by Huntley on Facebook on order to educate people about the risks of allowing their pets to roam outside.

"It goes to show you all that a cat even this size can still get eaten," he said. "So please for your cat's safety and to protect our beautiful wildlife keep them inside or in an outdoor cat enclosure... You're protecting your beloved pet and you're saving our wildlife."

Python Pixabay

Last month, a 14-foot-long python was found resting in front of a woman's door in Australia. On discovering the snake, the woman contacted snake catching service, Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher. Tony Harrison arrived at her residence to capture the python and described it as the giant snake he had ever seen.

“This was the largest snake I have come across in 27 years, The poor old lady who opened the front door to see it there got the fright of her life”, Harrison told the Guardian, adding that the snake was fortunately good-tempered.

“Burmese pythons are from overseas, so he is obviously someone’s illegal pet … he had been in captivity his entire life, he is used to being held,” Harrison said. He later shared images of the snake on Facebook.