A woman in Australia was frightened after she opened the door of her house to find a massive python on her porch. The 14-foot-long python was resting outdoors on Monday.

On discovering the snake, the woman contacted snake catching service, Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher. Tony Harrison arrived at her residence to capture the python and described it as the giant snake he had ever seen.

“This was the largest snake I have come across in 27 years, The poor old lady who opened the front door to see it there got the fright of her life”, Harrison told The Guardian, adding that the snake was fortunately good-tempered.

“Burmese pythons are from overseas, so he is obviously someone’s illegal pet … he had been in captivity his entire life, he is used to being held,” Harrison said. He later shared images of the snake on Facebook.

Since being shared, his Facebook post has gone viral with greater than 1,100 reactions and over 500 feedback.

“Omg, that is huge. Imagine opening your front door to find this,” wrote one person. “Stunning snake, it’s just a shame it will have to be put down,” mentioned another.

Burmese pythons are an invasive species in Australia. “It eats the food that our native species needs, in other words, competes with that native species, and there’s potential for introduction of viruses … a snake for America comes in and he can wipe out the Australian population,” Harrison said.

Last month, a snake catcher was caught on camera removing a huge python from inside a recliner chair. The incident took place in Queensland, Australia.

In a Facebook post, the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers wrote, “Its very lucky this Palmwoods family saw the snake going under the lounge or else someone may have got a massive fright when watching TV later on."

"It crazy how a large Carpet Python can still tuck himself away and hide in the arm rest of the lounge. What a day! Sun came out and so did the snakes," the post added.

 A video accompanying the post showed the snake catcher trying to pull out the snake from the recliner.