A huge python was found inside a family's pantry in Queensland, Australia. A snake catcher arrived at the home and initially thought it to be a "small carpet python," but the snake was 6-foot-long.

The snake catcher shared a video online showing how he managed to catch the snake and tried not getting bitten by it. The giant python tried to bite the man's face as he removed it from the kitchen pantry.

As the python lashed out at the snake catcher, he tried to be "nice and gentle" to keep himself safe. The snake catcher is seen in the video carefully removing the reptile from the kitchen pantry.

During the video, the snake catcher explained what he was doing, why the snake was acting the way it was, and how he can get it out of the house. 

Last month, a 14-foot-long python was found resting in front of a woman's door in Australia. On discovering the snake, the woman contacted snake catching service, Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher. Tony Harrison arrived at her residence to capture the python and described it as the giant snake he had ever seen.

Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher Tony Harrison arrived at the woman's residence to capture the python and described it as the giant snake he had ever seen.

“This was the largest snake I have come across in 27 years, The poor old lady who opened the front door to see it there got the fright of her life”, Harrison told The Guardian at the time, adding that the snake was fortunately good-tempered.

“Burmese pythons are from overseas, so he is obviously someone’s illegal pet … he had been in captivity his entire life, he is used to being held,” Harrison said. He later shared images of the snake on Facebook.

python-4412934_640 Python Photo: Pixabay