Videos of a massive black sludge inundating an expanse of agricultural land in northern coast of Japan carrying with it houses, cars, ferries and everything that crossed its path failed to capture the human misery the devastating earthquake has left in its wake.

The 8.9 magnitude temblor that hit Japan on Friday also triggered a massive tsunami, with the north eastern coastal region of Japan bearing the brunt of the assault. CNN reported that the official casualty count stood at 1,647 on Monday. The count does not take into account the 2,000 bodies found in the Miyagi prefecture.

While the force of the earthquake has waned, after-shocks and an impending nuclear crisis still continues to terrorize the Japanese citizens. It is reported that possibly a 7.0 magnitude earthquake could hit Japan again. Also fresh sightings of smoke from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant have been reported further stoking fears of a nuclear calamity. Reuters reported that another hydrogen explosion was heard in the nuclear plant.

While the gargantuan effect of the geological violence unleashed on Japan with impunity can be measured in monetary terms the emotional and psychological cost cannot be encapsulated in figures.

Here is a slideshow which tells the human tale of the painful ordeal people of Japan are going through after the quake: