Apple iPhone 5 is still elusive but more purported features are being leaked daily to fuel its demand, as if it were.

The latest snippet to enliven tech world chatter about iPhone 5 is that the latest gadget will feature a 3D camera. The rumor mill is working overtime over the speculated launch of iPhone 5, but consensus has it that the phone will be launched in September.

There were reports earlier that iPhone 5 will have an improved flash unit for its camera. Citing industry sources, CNET had reported in June that Apple had reduced orders for iPhone 4's current LED flash. This theory was supported by the leakage of images in May which suggested the camera sensor and flash unit would be separated.

Rumors of a 3D camera had emerged when the tech world heard in March that Apple had placed a request to patent 3D picture taking equipment. Now, the latest round of speculation is supported by some leaked images.

The leaked images, which show that the equipment schematics contained a 3-sensor arrangement have apparently come from Shenzen, in China, which is home to one of Apple’s manufacturers, according to nextiphonenews.

But the new set of images contradict earlier leaks of certain other purported features in iPhone 5. For example, if so far information regarding the all-new 3D camera said that it would feature 3 sensors, the pictures of the back of the iPhone 5 only showed 2, says the report.

Also, contradictory to other rumors, it appears that the phone will not be equipped with edge-to-edge display, but instead follow the classic arrangement also used for the current version.

It was reported earlier that iPhone 5 will have panoramic photo capabilities and 1080p Full HD videos. An iOs code section revealed that the next iPhone will let users take panoramic photos with the photo app.