Pakistan will extradite an Indian detained on suspicion of spying, Sartaj Aziz, the foreign policy adviser to the Pakistani prime minister said Friday. Aziz said that Pakistan will soon begin prosecution process against Kulbhushan Jadhav, who was allegedly arrested in the country's southwestern Balochistan province last March after he entered from Iran.

"We have prepared an FIR [First Information Report] and a case to prosecute the Indian state actor for [his] involvement in subversive and terrorist activities in Pakistan," Aziz said, according to the Pakistani newspaper Dawn.

Islamabad also provided the United Nations secretary general with a dossier that had details of Jadhav and his alleged activities, Aziz said, adding that his country would share the documents with other countries too.

“This is a very delicate and sensitive issue and requires detailed preparation and homework as it relates to the direct or indirect involvement of an Indian state actor in subversive and terrorist activities in Pakistan,” Aziz reportedly said.

The Indian government, on its part, has maintained that Jadhav is a former navy officer and denied that he had any links with the government. The country has not yet reacted to the latest development.

"The government has always maintained that Pakistan’s allegations against Jadhav, an Indian national and a former Navy officer were completely baseless. Even more than nine months of keeping him wrongfully and illegally in custody, the Pakistani authorities have not found a shred of evidence against him," India's Ministry of External Affairs spokesman Vikas Swarup said last December.

A few days after the arrest, Pakistan released a "video confession" by Jadhav. The country said that the video was the clear evidence that he spied for  India — a claim denied by New Delhi.

Following the detention, Jadhav's family members got in touch with Indian government officials a few times and reportedly informed them that since leaving the navy, he had been managing a small cargo transport business, and that he had an Iranian visa valid up to June 2016.