“A cup of tea would restore my normality,” wrote Douglas Adams in the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".

Thursday (May 21) is important for tea lovers as it is a day to celebrate the long history and deep cultural and economic significance of their daily cuppa.

According to the United Nations, the goal of International Tea Day is to celebrate, "promote and foster collective actions to implement activities in favor of the sustainable production and consumption of tea and raise awareness of its importance in fighting hunger and poverty."

In stressful situations like the current pandemic, hot beverages like tea can improve your mood and immunity, and offer more health benefits.

Here’s a list of tea that can help people tackle the coronavirus blues:

1. Green tea

People worldwide have testified to the relaxing and mood-boosting qualities of tea, for centuries. Camellia Sinensis, the leaf buds of which are used to produce tea is enriched with calming effects that have elevated the beverage to a role beyond quenching thirst. It has been consumed to simply unwind oneself, help soothe nerves as well as an aid for meditation. Drinking about half a cup (100 ml) of green tea per day has been found to lower the risk of depression. Grab a cup of green tea every day to get rid of your coronavirus blues.

2. Ginger tea

The antioxidants in ginger can help strengthen your immune response and could be ideal to consume while dealing with a pandemic. It also has stress-reducing effects. You can also inhale the steam from ginger tea to help relieve nasal congestion and several other respiratory issues and allergies.

3. Black tea

Individuals with elevated blood sugar levels can be vulnerable to health complications including the coronavirus infection. Consuming black tea can help enhance the role of insulin in the body and regulate blood sugar levels. Researchers have demonstrated that certain compounds such as epigallocatechin gallate present in black tea improved insulin levels.

4. White tea

It stands out among other types of tea due to its minimally processed nature and because it is harvested while the tea plant is in its early stage. It also has a very distinct flavor. White tea is enriched with catechins, which helps enhance weight loss. In this lockdown period, drinking this tea can help lose all those unwanted pounds from prolonged sitting and lack of exercise.

5. Oolong tea

The antioxidants present in this tea can help keep your bones and teeth strong. Studies have demonstrated that consuming oolong tea improved bone mineral density which prevents fractures and helped reduce dental plaques. During this pandemic situation, when going to the dentist might not be an easy task and when one cannot risk a fracture, this tea can help a great deal.

Green Tea Green tea is known for its many benefits. However, one of its most impressive benefits is that it can actually boost your metabolism. Photo: dungthuyvunguyen / Pixabay