After making disparaging remarks Sunday about Republican Rep. Paul Ryan's budget, Newt Gingrich had an angry Iowa voter to deal with.

While shaking hands with the former House speaker, the Iowan told Gingrich that what he just did to Paul Ryan is unforgivable. Gingrich responded by saying that he didn't do anything to Paul Ryan.

The voter claimed Gingrich undercut Ryan, calling him an embarrassment to the party.

Why don't you get out of [the presidential race] before you make a bigger fool of yourself? he then asked.

Gingrich, who is in the midst of a 17-stop tour of Iowa, said Ryan's budget plan, which passed earlier this year by House Republicans, was too big of a jump and amounted to nothing more than right-wing social engineering. He went further to suggest it was an effort at imposing radical change on Americans.

For this, Gingrich has faced some serious flak from fellow Republicans, as well as some conservatives.

The Wall Street Journal's conservative editorial page even took umbrage with Gingrich's comments, writing: By using the word 'radical,' Mr. Gingrich deliberately chose to echo the liberal critics who want to write the Ryan plan out of respectable political debate.

Ryan's budget would overhaul Medicare for future beneficiaries while combating out-of-control budget deficits and imposing sharp spending cuts on social safety net programs. It would also cut $6.2 trillion over 10 years from the budget submitted by President Obama.

The GOP proposal passed 235-195. Every Democrat voted no.