• The iPad Pro for 2020 already has a case made prior to its release
  • The new case features a new camera groove that matches speculations of ithe tablet's new features
  • The iPad Pro 2020 is said to have an upgraded camera system

Similar to other upcoming Apple devices, cases for the iPad Pro are already produced prior to the actual device’s release. Case manufacturers are already giving way to a new camera feature in making the next case for the 2020 iteration of the iPad Pro. Will the iPad Pro really get the new camera system.

The iPad Pro case from an unspecified manufacturer was leaked earlier as seen in Ben Geskin’s tweet. Geskin is known to post leaks of Apple products and has revealed information about the iPhone 11 prior to its release. Apple’s actual design on the iPad Pro could be different from this case as the company has yet to reveal any details.

The case is a simple, snap-on cover which fits a larger groove for the camera. Speculations surrounding the iPad Pro said that it will have a wide-lens camera feature. As of now, the iPhone 11 series has a triple-lens camera which further improves the snapshots that it could take. The triple-lens camera could even add depth to the pictures. The wide-lens camera could work differently than the iPhone 11’s camera technology but will offer better pictures to its users.The 2020 iPad Pro could also have these features and possibly some unique pictures modes only available to the iPadOS.

Sp far, the leaked Apple case was also manufactured according to the speculations surrounding the upcoming iPad Pro 2020 iteration. Apple has yet to tease any details about the iPad Pro or any of its new smartphones later this year.

Apple could reveal more information about the iPad Pro 2020 in two upcoming events in the first half of 2020. One Apple event is scheduled this coming March. Meanwhile, Apple will hold the larger Worldwide Developers Conference 2020 this June. Both events could have details that could shed light on the features of the iPad Pro.

iPad Pro display Pictured: The new iPad Pro is put on display during an Apple launch event at One Hanson Place on October 30, 2018 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. Apple debuted a new MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and iPad Pro. Photo: Getty Images/Stephanie Keith