iPhone 4S is Apple's best product launch ever, according to early pre-order sales numbers. One million iPhone 4S devices were sold in 24 hours, compared with 600,000 iPhone 4s in 2010.

iPhone 4S comes with a faster processor, improved camera and battery life and Siri, the intelligent voice recognition software that looks to be iPhone 4S's crowning achievement. There's even a handy video of a Siri demo on YouTube. Sadly, Apple founder and iPhone inventor Steve Jobs died Oct. 5 only one day after iPhone 4S debuted. Despite the fact that Samsung, arguably Apple's number one competitor, has multiple lawsuits pending against them, Samsung even delayed announcing their new smartphone this week in honor of Jobs.

It was a classy move, but one that might not win Samsung enough support to become the top smartphone maker, as the iPhone 4S pre-order numbers indicate. iPhone 4S ships on Oct. 14 and that's when people can really tell if it's been worth the wait. Many were hoping for a totally redesigned iPhone 5 with a larger display, but instead got the better-on-the-inside iPhone 4S.

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