Apple has finally unveiled its long-awaited iPhone 5, confirming the rumors about its design, features and tech specs that have been circulating the Internet. Undoubtedly, Web surfers were buzzing with excitement, sharing their opinions through social media.

CheerMeter, a website measuring excitement leading up to the iPhone 5's release date via tweet monitoring, revealed statistics about Twitter activity following Apple's event on Wednesday.

According to the data, more than 1.3 million tweets were posted on Wednesday that mentioned the iPhone 5. The tracker is continuously keeping record of tweets tagged with iPhone 5 until its official release date on Sept. 21.

However, despite the high volume of activity surrounding the iPhone 5 announcement, not all fans were pleased with Apple's next-generation smartphone.

"#RT if you're not going to get the iPhone 5" read one tweet from user IG-imthagentleman.

"The iPhone 5 looks so basic to me. Apple could have done better," user TanasiaSmith posted to Twitter.

"Don't care about the iphone 5 really" posted user ilayda.

But consumers and users weren't the only ones tweeting about Apple's iPhone 5. Competitor Samsung took a jab at the upcoming smartphone a day before Apple's event.

"We #DontWait to release The Next Big Thing. You #DontWait to become The Next Big Thing," Samsung Mobile posted to Twitter on Tuesday.

Samsung has just announced that it expects to sell 30 million units of its Galaxy S3 flagship smartphone before the end of the year. Celebrities also expressed their opinions on Apple's iPhone 5 to Twitter on Wednesday, with some sharing excitement and others sarcasm.

"Can't wait for the new iPhone 5. I've had this mint condition, perfectly good, antique iPhone 4 for over a year now. Embarrassing," tweeted British comedian Ricky Gervais.

"I don't even need to see it...just tell me where to pre-order. Ha! #iphone5" posted American Idol Jordin Sparks.

Android users weren't shy about defending their Google-branded smartphones against Apple's upcoming release, as Twitter proves.

"Excited to see what 2 year old Android technology and capabilities Apple crams into the iPhone 5," user Long Term Greed posted on Wednesday.

"So I guess I will spend tomorrow looking at iPhone 5 specs...then order an android upgrade :P" tweeted user DaveBerold.

"Compared to top Android devices, iPhone 5 only stands out in being the lightest. Any other aspect: Yawn!" user Shady Samir posted to Twitter.

The iPhone 5 may hold the record for the thinnest smartphone in the world according to Apple, but it wasn't enough to shatter Twitter records. The final seconds of this year's Super Bowl game where the New England Patriots faced off against the New York Giants reached 10,000 tweets per second (TPS), while Madonna's half time performance broke 8,000 TPS.

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