T-Mobile is preparing a rebate program for people who are purchasing the iPhone X and any of the newer iPhone models. Reuters/Peter Nicholis

In an attempt to attract more consumers, T-Mobile has announced its plan to offer a discount of over $200 to those who are purchasing the iPhone X or any of the newer iPhone models starting this Friday. However, the discount will come in a form of rebate.

T-Mobile updated its website Wednesday to introduce a new rebate program for consumers who are looking to buy a new iPhone. As indicated on the site, customers can save over $200 on iPhone X starting on Feb. 23, Friday. However, the deal is subject to several restrictions, but it’s worth it for people who really want to save some cash when snagging the 10th anniversary model or any of the newer iPhones.

The deal requires clients to trade in an older phone and pay the regular price of the new handset up front. So for the 64GB model, users need to provide a $279.99 downpayment and pay $30 per month for two years on top of the data plan they choose. The discount will come in through a rebate that’s issued via a prepaid MasterCard.

Apple Insider warns though that those who may want to cancel the service will have to pay the iPhone X’s full price. The promo is also not applicable to those who are looking to avail some other perks. Nevertheless, T-Mobile is allowing customers to combine it with the current free line offer from Valentine’s Day.

With this new program, consumers can get their hands on the iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 7 or 7 Plus and enjoy the discount by receiving the rebate. What’s good is that clients do not need to do anything after availing the promo. They only need to wait for their rebate card, which is said to arrive in the mail within eight weeks.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile also has another deal that’s going live this Friday. This one has to do with the Apple Watch Series 3. MacRumors has learned that when consumers purchase the latest model of Apple’s smartwatch via T-Mobile, they will get another one for 50 percent off. That saves one around $215. Unfortunately, the official list of Apple Watch models that will be part of this program hasn’t been released yet.