• Several iPhone X users complain that the batteries on their devices drain faster
  • Some who use older iPhones say their devices last longer than the iPhone X units others complain about
  • Battery life depends on a user's usage and charging habits

An increasing number of people are complaining that their iPhone X handsets don't last as long as they should, and are experiencing faster battery drain.

Two years ago, Apple surprised the smartphone world with the release of the iPhone X, the first handset to feature a notch, advanced Face ID, and a totally new look. The iPhone X's design was so popular that many handsets released after it copied or at least tried to mimic how Cupertino's smartphone looked like.

Years later, some users who are still holding on to their iPhone X handsets are now complaining that it doesn't last as long as it should, iPhoneHacks reported. Some might think that it's another Batterygate issue similar to what happened years ago with older iPhones, but it doesn't appear to be so. The iPhone X is only two years old, and is supposed to feature better tech than older iPhones.

According to netizens complaining via Reddit, the battery on two-year-old iPhone X units isn't consistent when it comes to performance. Some of them say that sometimes it lasts long, but in other days it doesn't.

“I bought my X on day one and have 89% battery health, but I’ve noticed a steep decline in battery recently despite the high health. Some days it dies much faster than I feel it should,” one user said.

Other users said the battery on the iPhone X doesn't perform as well as an iPhone 7 with the same age:

“I’m currently at 85% on my Day-1 iPhone XS, it’s funny cuz my previous 18 months old iPhone 7 was still at 96%,” the user said.

Several other users say this issue baffles them because their older iPhones, such as an iPhone 6 Plus or an iPhone 7 Plus, continue to work fine. The batteries on their devices, they said, still lasts long – even longer than the phones belonging to other people around them.

It's worth noting that battery life differs for each person based on use. Mic reported that the iPhone X, which has a 2,716 mAh battery, should last about 10 to 17 hours of continued use on a single charge. The amount of time varies depending on how a user uses the device.

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