Iran's judiciary has charged detained an American journalist with espionage, Iran's Press TV reported Wednesday.

Saberi, a 31-year-old Iranian-American born in the United States who has reported for the BBC, NPR and other media, was arrested in late January for working in the Islamic Republic after her press card had expired.

"She conducted spying operations in the country by passing herself as a journalist. She has accepted all charges and we have documented the evidence in her legal case papers, ' said Hassan Haddad, Iran's deputy prosecutor for security issues.

American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the U.S. was asking the Swiss government to obtain the most accurate, updated information about this issue.

"I and the rest of the department will continue to follow this very closely and wish for her speedy release and return to her family', Clinton said at the State Department, according to CNN.

Haddad said Saberi's case will be sent to the revolutionary court, Press TV reported, adding that her U.S. citizenship would not affect legal proceeding.

"Her press card was revoked, said Hassan Qashqavi, Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman. Without a permit, she should not have been engaged in news and information-gathering in Iran,' he said, but didn't give details as to why her press care was revoked, CNN reported.