Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Thursday that the nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers could only make "warmongers" unhappy. He added that the deal had made the entire Middle East happy, except Israel and "warmongers in America."

“After Iran and global powers reached an agreement known as the Vienna agreement, you see that the regime screaming in fear from dawn to dusk is the occupying Zionist regime of Israel,” Press TV quoted the Iranian president as saying. “You see that the whole region, regional nations and the great Iranian nation are happy, but not Zionists and warmongers in America.”

Rouhani praised Iranian diplomats for going home “victorious” after 23 months of negotiations. The United Nations Security Council unanimously turned the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action into international law on July 20. The removal of sanctions against Iran will help the Islamic republic grow stronger as an economy.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the Iran nuclear deal had been a “historic mistake.” However, a number of former Israeli military officers have reportedly asked Netanyahu to accept the nuclear agreement.

Meanwhile, the Italian foreign ministry said Wednesday that Rouhani accepted Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s invitation to visit Rome “in the coming weeks,” Reuters reported. This is going to be Rouhani’s first visit to a European capital in which he will try to repair Iran’s economic and diplomatic relations with the West.

Italian Foreign Ministry spokesman Paolo Gentiloni said in Tehran the two countries would cooperate on economy, commerce and trade.