Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanuyahu said Sunday no matter how good a nuclear deal the United States thinks it has with Iran, it never will be good enough. Sen. Diane Feinstein called Netanyahu's remarks "humiliating, embarrassing and very arrogant."

In an appearance on CBS' "Face the Nation," Netanyahu said totalitarian regimes cannot be trusted to abide by any deal.

"I do not trust inspections of totalitarian regimes," Netanyahu said, noting North Korea was able to develop nuclear weapons despite inspections and Iran was able to build underground bunkers even though inspectors had been on hand. He said for Israel, it's not a matter of trust but rather of "survival."

President Barack Obama has promised the United States would not approve any agreement that allows Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon. In an interview that aired on "Face the Nation," Obama said safeguards will be built into any agreement.

"If we cannot verify that they are not going to obtain a nuclear weapon, that there's a breakout period so that even if they cheated we would be able to have enough time to take action, if we don't have that kind of deal, then we're not going to take it," he said.

The United States should remember who its real ally is in the Middle East, Netanyahu said, shrugging off the White House National Security Council's "interesting take" comment on Twitter and retweet of a newspaper column saying Netanyahu's predictions about Iran have been wrong for 25 years. The NSC tweeted Friday morning that a Fareed Zakaria column in The Washington Post had an “Interesting take … on why PM Netanyahu’s predictions on #Iran have been wrong for 25 years,” including a link to the article.

"You know, the reason that I have been warning for 25 years is because Iran has been trying to get the bomb. If we had let our guard down, then Iran would have had the weapon. If we let our guard down now, it will have the weapon," Netanyahu said, adding if the White House had to retweet something, it should have been Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khameini's tweet of "ways and reasons Israel should be destroyed."

The Israeli leader addressed a joint session of Congress last week, warning against any deal with Iran. Feinstein, D-Calif., said Netanyahu had no right "to trash" the agreement "before you have the final period."

"I think we have to do a nuclear agreement to protect from a breakout," Feinstein said on "Meet the Press." "I think that what Prime Minister Netanyahu did here is something no ally of the United States would have done. I find it humiliating, embarrassing and very arrogant because this agreement is not yet finished."

On "Fox News Sunday," Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., backed Netanyahu, calling Iran evil and saying the negotiation failed as soon as the administration agreed to allow Iran to do any uranium enrichment.

"We cannot allow them [Iran] to have a nuclear weapon," Johnson said. "If that means military action, that's what it will end up taking. And if Israel believes it is threatened and it takes military action, the United States has to back our strong ally."

Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., said any inspections of Iran's program needs to be intrusive because Iran cannot be trusted any more than "a rattlesnake."