Irina Shayk, the supermodel girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, seems to be doing just fine after rumors swirled that he was cheating on her with Andressa Urach, a woman known as “Miss BumBum.”

Shayk was in attendance at the 2013 White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday, looking beautiful as ever in a black lace Dolce & Gabbana gown from the Spring 2013 collection. The 27-year-old Russian model was also spotted in New York on Monday, dressed very casually in jeans, a grey chunky sweater, camel riding boots and a black scarf. The Daily Mail noted that she “looked far from happy,” which is reportedly after hearing word of the cheating scandal.

While Shayk was partying with diplomats and other celebrities over the weekend, rumors exploded that Ronaldo, 28, was cheating with Urach, the 27-year-old Miss Butt Brazil runner-up better known as “Miss BumBum.”

Urach told The Sun the tryst happened at a £12,500-a-night hotel last week before the first leg of the Champions League semi-final for Real Madrid. Urach said the two were engaged in a texting and Skype relationship after Ronaldo reached out to her because he was “obsessed with my butt,” texting her dirty messages and asking her to meet in person in Madrid.

“I have always thought Cristiano is one of the most gorgeous men in the world, so I couldn’t believe it when he got in touch with me,” she said. “Cristiano told me to come to Madrid and that we’d meet, but he would not tell me where or when exactly. He said he had to be careful because if it came out that he’d seen me, his girlfriend wouldn’t be happy. They are together, but he told me the relationship wasn’t serious. He didn’t say anything else about her.”

Urach said the pair met at the Villa Magna hotel, where Ronaldo secretly texted her the room number after arriving separately, where the Brazilian model said they “kept going for hours.”

“We looked at each other and, just like that, we were all over each other. He is fantastic,” she said. “It was incredible, his body’s perfect, like a Greek god. He went on for hours and would not stop talking about my butt. He was obsessed with my butt.”

Urach said the Real Madrid player had called her his “little horse” and said he “dreamed of that bum last night.”

But the affair came to an unfortunate end, according to Urach, when paparazzi were on the scene to catch the two in the act. She said security guards at Villa Magna grabbed her and forced her back into the hotel room because photographers were outside and Ronaldo did not want to get caught.

“Two security guys from the hotel then arrived and he called me, saying Press were outside and I had to stay in the room,” she said. “Everything had been so wonderful — but now I was being treated like an object, like a prisoner. I even had guards outside! Eventually I got taken through a private elevator to a hotel car, snuck out of the parking garage and driven back to my hotel. It was like something from a movie.”

Urach said she was initially upset but understood Ronaldo was “just trying to look after his own neck.” The Real Madrid player told The Sun he was at the hotel during the time of the alleged cheating to be “interviewed by a Spanish journalist.”

Ronaldo also posted on his Facebook account on Saturday that he was “deeply outraged” by the report from “Miss BumBum,” Andressa Urach.

“I was informed that ‘The Sun’ newspaper, faithful to its editorial line, will publish an article where is given voice to a so called Andressa, someone seeking the limelight on my account,” he wrote. “And I wonder why this happens one day before a very important game for my team… Deeply outraged by a situation intended, in vain, to afect [sic] my personal life, I just want to clarify that I was in fact at the Hotel Villa Magna on April 22nd giving an interview to Manu Sainz, something the reporter himself is able to corroborate. Everything else is pure fiction and forgery.”

The Sun noted that the day before the affair allegedly happened, Shayk, who is best known as the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model, was seen leaving a Madrid diner with Ronaldo and a furious look on her face.

Shayk and Ronaldo, who have been together for over three years, began dating in May 2010, two months before another explosive report rocked the Portuguese footballer’s image. In July of that year, Ronaldo admitted to fathering a child with a mystery woman, whose name has never been revealed.

"It is with great joy and emotion that I inform I have recently become a father to a baby boy," Ronaldo wrote on his social media pages back in July 2010. "With the agreement of the mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, I will have exclusive custody of my son. I request everyone to fully respect my right to privacy [and that of the child] at least on issues as personal as these are."

Ronaldo ended up naming his son Cristiano Ronaldo, Jr.

Before dating Irina Shayk, though, Ronaldo was portrayed as quite the playboy, reportedly hooking up with socialites like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian and, on two separate occasions, a group of prostitutes, The Sun reported.