Israel said its military bombed targets on Saturday local time in Gaza in response to rocket fire. It's the country’s first military action in Gaza since August. There were at least two airstrikes launched against a Hamas facility by Israel’s air force after a rocket was fired into Israel from Gaza on Friday local time. Israeli's military said it blames Hamas for the rocket attack, according to Al Jazeera.

The assault on Gaza is the first since a truce between Gaza and Israel was instituted in August, following a 50-day war that saw more than 2,000 people die, the majority of whom were Palestinians in Gaza killed in bombings by the Israeli military as part of its Operation Protective Edge.

The rocket fired from Gaza hit a field in the Ehskol Regional Council in southern Israel, causing no injuries or damage, IDF’s Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said, BBC added. It is the third such attack on Israel since the truce was put in place, the Jerusalem Post reported.

“The IDF will not permit any attempt to undermine the security and jeopardize the well being of the civilians of Israel,” a spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces said, according to Fox News. “The Hamas terrorist organization is responsible and accountable for today's attack against Israel.”

Gaza’s health ministry said no injuries resulted from the bombings in Gaza, according to Al Jazeera. The Israeli attack targeted “Hamas terror infrastructure” in the Khan Yunis area of southern Gaza, BBC News reported.

The Israel air force received assistance from the Israel navy in carrying out the airstrikes, according to the Jerusalem Post.

"The IDF struck terror infrastructure belonging to the terrorist organization Hamas in the southern Gaza Strip. A direct hit was identified,” a statement by the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said, according to the Jerusalem Post. "The IDF will not allow any attempts to hurt the safety of Israel's civilians. The Hamas terrorist organization is the address, and they bear responsibility.”