Should you ever find yourself in a protest situation where riot police are firing tear gas at you, typically the options for action include running away, donning a gas mask or treating eyes with homemade solutions. Those options can help some bystanders and yourself, but what else can you do to counter tear gas? Protesters in Turkey found a creative way to abate the effects of tear gas with the use of larger water cooler jugs. In this video posted on Facebook and YouTube on Sunday, protesters are seen quickly grabbing a tear gas canister fired from police and dropping it into a water jug to extinguish the heating element of the canister and stopping the spread of the gas. While this didn’t stop the government from evicting the protesters from Taksim Square and Gezi Park, it adds a new countermeasure for protesters to use in their continued protests against Turkish government. Take a look at their creative solution in action in the video above.