Toys R Us will be back in time for the holiday season as it is set to open two new store locations. One store will reportedly be located in Paramus, New Jersey, while the other will be based in Houston.

The store openings were made possible through a partnership with software retailer b8ta and Tru Kids, the venture that formed out of the liquidation of Toys R Us last year.

Through the partnership, B8ta will manage the store experiences by using its own technology platform to create pop-up spaces for the toy brands while helping them to grow their online sales, CNBC said. The company also will also provide TruKids will data, and analytic tracking to make smarter decisions going forward, Phillip Raub, b8ta co-founder and president told the news outlet.

The new Toys R Us does face an uphill battle with toymakers as it severed the relationship with unpaid debt during the liquidation process. But Richard Barry, president of Tru Kids and former chief merchandising officer of Toys R Us told CNBC, talks with toy and entertainment companies have been “very positive” as the company is receiving “credit for innovation” from these brands as they offer the opportunity to create their own person in-store experience.

Barry also noted that the retailer will be selling brands in “short order” a move that could create high demand and quick sales.

“I don’t think there’s many times where you can take such a great storied brand as Toys R Us and get a chance to repaint the canvas,” Barry said.

Beyond the new stores, Tru Kids said it plans to open 10 locations in the U.S. in 2020 with a flagship store positioned in New York or California. The format of the stores will be a departure from Toys R Us’ old locations with a smaller footprint that is reportedly around 6,500 to 10,000 square feet versus the 40,000 square feet they previously stood at.