• The three of the four 'Alpha' elements will be available for solo auction at Christie's
  • The physical collection will be available for purchase, starting June 24
  • Checks Elements comprises a captivating 152-piece generative art collection

Jack Butcher, the visionary behind Visualize Value creative agency and the groundbreaking Checks VV non-fungible token (NFT) collection, is all set to launch an exciting new venture called Checks Elements. The all-new project combines generative artwork with meticulously hand-drawn physical prints.

Checks Elements comprises a captivating 152-piece generative art collection, drawing inspiration from the classical elements of earth, fire, water, and air. Each artwork within the collection represents a distinctive algorithmically-generated fusion of color, symbolizing these elemental forces. The collection delves into the captivating theme of the "ever-evolving relationship between consensus and truth."

Butcher, in an interview with CoinDesk, elaborated on the concept, stating, "Elements are conceptually... the first instance of decentralized consensus. We aim to reflect the themes embodied by Checks regarding internet consensus and its correlation with pre-internet consensus. Throughout history, diverse cultures, languages, and schools of thought have converged upon these four fundamental categories of matter – earth, water, air, and fire."

The three of the four "Alpha" elements — water, air, and earth — will be available for solo auction at Christie's, beginning on May 16 and concluding on May 23. A portion of the proceeds from this auction will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The physical prints, along with their digital counterparts, will be showcased at Christie's New York Gallery from May 20.

The remaining Checks Elements, including the fourth Alpha element of fire, will be offered through a public auction lasting 24 hours. The physical prints will be available for purchase, starting on June 24.

With the launch of Checks Elements, Jack Butcher continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression and digital innovation, inviting viewers to contemplate the intricate interplay between consensus and truth in our interconnected world.

Butcher and his team implemented modifications to the algorithm used in the original Checks collection to create their latest artwork series. Collaborating with master printmaker Jean Robert Milant and Cirrus editions, they transformed the NFT outputs into captivating 30-inch by 43-inch monoprints. This process involved feeding an on-chain SVG file through a vintage lithographic printing press.

To create the physical prints, the distinctive four-by-four Checks grid was etched onto a plate used by the printer. Each paint color featured in the collection was meticulously added one by one, following the algorithmic outputs generated by Butcher and his team. To authenticate each physical artwork, Butcher's fingerprint was used, and each piece is accompanied by an Ethereum-based NFT.

Butcher explained that while some dynamics from the original Checks collections will be incorporated into the auction, this project may not be interoperable with other gamified pieces. While holders of the previous Checks collection were able to combine NFTs to create.

Elements NFT collection
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